Connect With Us

Although you may not have ever been to church before or perhaps you’re looking for a new church where you can gain understanding of the bible in a practical way and grow deeper in your relationship with God, New Hope Christian Worship Center (“New Hope CWC”) is the place for you. Join us and let us grow deeper in our relationship with Christ together.

Connect Through Membership

When you connect with New Hope Christian Worship Center through church membership, you will partner with a community of faith/body of Christian believers that has a heart for ministry beyond the walls as much as it does for ministry within the walls of the church. As a part of the family of God, we will walk with you on your Christian journey as you are discipled in the teachings of Christ.

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    Connect Through Involvement in Our Ministries:

    • Children of Hope Children’s Ministry (Ages 5-12)

      The scripture tells us that children are a reward from God (Psalm 127:3) and the example of humility by which we all must receive the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:13-14). As God’s reward to us and a shining example of humility, we want to ensure that our children connect with Christ, gain a sense of their God given purpose, and grow in their relationship with God in a safe, loving and nourishing environment.

    • ELEVATE Youth Ministry (Ages 13-18)

      Elevate is a ministry that seeks to uplift our youth above the divisive and troublesome images that plague today’s culture. By connecting to this ministry, our youth will be transformed through biblical teaching that will ELEVATE their Thinking, Speech, Conduct, Faith, and sense of Purpose. In this they will learn how to better engage with their peers, respect authority, and honor their parents while being an example to their generation and beyond. (1 Timothy 4:12)

    • XCHANGE Young Adult Ministry (Ages 19-35)

      By connecting to the ministry of XCHANGE, young adults will learn how to navigate the challenging years of early adulthood through sound biblical instruction and by engaging with the power of God be transformed into the likeness of Christ while realizing God’s future hope for their lives. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

    • Men of S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D Men’s Ministry (Proverbs 1:5)

      Real Men ~ Real Issues ~ Real Faith

      Men of S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D, are men of Strength, Tremendous faith, Accountability, Noble principles, Discipline, Appreciative joy, Readiness, and Devotion. By connecting with Men of S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D Men’s Ministry, men will be encouraged as they bond through sharing the issues and struggles commonly faced by men and learn to meet these challenges with life application of God’s Word. In this, they will be transformed into the likeness of Christ as they experience the power of God in their lives. Through the brotherhood of this ministry, men will be equipped to be leaders and Godly examples in every area of their lives as they submit to and follow the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

    • Daughters of Destiny Women’s Ministry (Psalm 139:13-16)

      Genuine Women ~ Genuine Love ~ Genuine Purpose

      By connecting to this ministry, women will be encouraged and empowered as they come to understand the common ground that we as women share as Daughters of Destiny bound by the God who holds all our destinies in His hand. As women connect with Daughters of Destiny Women’s Ministry, they will become a part of a sisterhood where they can share experiences and be strengthened in a healthy atmosphere that will help them navigate the vast responsibilities commonly faced by women. As women gain confidence through their growth in Jesus Christ, they will learn how to pay it forward and make a difference in the lives of others.

    • Hands of Hope Ministry (Matthew 25:35-40)

      If you take joy in helping and serving others with a generous heart, the Hands of Hope Ministry is for you and we welcome you to connect to this ministry. This ministry includes Caregivers and Outreach. As God’s hands and feet in the earth, we seek to follow Christ’s example of comforting and blessing those in need by extending Hope to them in a tangible way.

    • Hospitality Ministry

      By connecting to this ministry, you will be a key component in ensuring that a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is maintained at New Hope CWC. This ministry includes Greeters and Ushers who are charged with greeting everyone who enters the church and making them feel welcome while offering guidance so that they don’t feel lost. Thus, it is imperative that Greeters and Ushers have a pleasant disposition and a servant’s heart.