Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom where you’re planted is an admonishment that many of us have heard or received at some point in our lives and if we simply look at it on the surface all we hear is, wherever you are, bloom. However, in order to gain true understanding of this phrase, this admonishment, we must dissect it. Many people focus on the first word, “bloom,” but the focus should be on the last word, “planted.” Therein lies the key. Bloom where you’re Planted… In order to Bloom, you must be Planted. To be planted means to be fixed, anchored, set, settled, situated, fixed and established.

The baby boomer generation knew what it meant to be planted. They planted themselves in committed relationships, many of them marrying young and starting their families young. They purchased their family home and they remained there throughout the building phase of their lives as they started and raised their young families, started jobs that became 30+ year careers, and sent their children off to college. Then they remained in their first and only home that they purchased through retirement after becoming empty nesters and until they parted this world in death. They planted themselves in one job until they retired, they planted themselves in one house until they passed away, and some even planted themselves at one church until they passed away or relocated to another city or state. They knew/know how to put down roots and what it is to get and be planted, and as a result, they bloomed. However, many of the younger generations of today, do not seem to know or appreciate the significance of being planted. Many want to bloom without ever planting themselves anywhere. They want to start at the top of the career ladder instead of building a foundation upon which to build that has the ability to sustain growth. Too many want to carry a briefcase before they ever or without ever carrying a backpack. Too many people of today are constantly moving so that they never put down roots. Many put down superficial roots that they easily uproot and move from place to place frequently. Growth requires roots. Growth requires planting and anchoring.

When you think about this concept of blooming where you’re planted in the realm of gardening or nature, you come to understand that flowers, trees, bushes and shrubbery bloom where they are planted. In fact, before you ever see the bud of a flowering plant, that plant has put down roots underground and obviously trees anchor themselves deep into the ground. Flowers, trees and other plants bloom where they are planted, wherever they have anchored their roots. Psalm 92:13 tells us, “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord Shall flourish in the courts of our God.” When you have been planted in God-that is replanted from worldly ways and sinful lifestyles into the house of God, you will bloom, grow and flourish. The scripture does not say that those who visit the house of God shall flourish in the house of God. It does not say that those who are in attendance in the house of God shall flourish. No! The scripture says, those who are planted in the house of God shall flourish! It’s one thing to visit or attend church, even regularly, but to be planted in church (in the house of God) is to be invested in the mission and work of the church. To be planted is to be involved in the work of the church. When you’re planted, you find out how you can get involved. When you’re planted, you find out what you can do to help the ministry grow and advance the kingdom of God. When you’re planted, you help support the ministry by regularly tithing when you get paid and regularly giving your offering. When you’re planted, you get and stay plugged in to the life of the church. When you’re planted, you sit and avail yourself of the teaching going forth in the house of God. When you have been planted in the Lord’s house, you will spring up and flourish in the house of God.

~Dr. DeShonda Bailey, Lead Pastor